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Become a Mustang or Burro Guardian Today!

All of these Mustangs and Burros call GEMS their forever home…. never again at risk of an uncertain future.

By becoming a Mustang or Burro Guardian today, you are helping us offset the costs of care for these lifetime residents of The Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary & Training Center!

$25.00 cost to feed one horse/burro per week
$50.00 farrier care for one horse/burro
$100.00 cost to feed one horse/burro per month
$250.00 cost of basic vet care for one horse/burro


  • Hudson: Trained American Mustang Ambassador
    Hudson is an easy going gelding that is one of our go-to horses for anyone wanting to borrow a mustang to participate in one of our programs. He is a 2005 gelding, captured in 2008 from Sand Wash Basin HMA in Colorado. Hudson came to us in 2013 and has been an all-around good citizen ever since. Hudson is a great horse for sorting wild Mustangs, ponying other horses, teaching beginners, demonstrations…and more!
  • Luna: Trained American Mustang Ambassador
    Luna is a 2006 mare, captured from the Callaghan, NV HMA in 2008. She  was donated to us in 2017 and she was been such a wonderful addition to our Ambassador Herd. In her life directly out of holding, she entered into a training program aimed at introducing Mustangs to the Polo world. She is now a willing partner for all that come to participate in our programs.


  • Demi: Trained Ambassador
    Demi was part of the gather in Sand Wash Basin in 2016. She appeared on the range in 2010 when the hay prices started skyrocketing, and due to the thorough herd documentation, it is strongly believed that she was a domestic horse turned out in the wild. She came to GEMS under weight, with horrible feet and teeth and needed attention. She was no stranger to the barn and came immediately into the stall when she arrived, like she knew that meant she’d get the special treatment she deserved. She has been living the good life ever since!
  • Thelma & Louise: Trained Burro Ambassadors
    These girls came to GEMS with Thelma’s baby Poncho, back in 2013 as part of the HSUS Platero Training Project, and we have a strong hunch these girls are mother and daughter. Poncho, now Pedro, has been adopted in the meantime and is enjoying his new life as a pack burro racing star. Thelma and Louise are part of our GEMS Ambassadors. They will live their life out with us as part of our greeting team, they love good scratches and head hugs! Gathered from Montezuma Peak, NV HMA Year foaled: 2008 (Thelma) 2004 (Louise) Year Captured: 2010.
  • Joe: Spanish Mustang Wild Herd Member
    Rio Rojo Joe is a Spanish Mustang born in 2001. He is the lead gelding of our Sanctuary Herd. In 2015, Joe lost his left eye, we think he punctured it on a yucca plant. We check the herd every couple of days and got him immediate veterinary care, put him on antibiotics, however, his eye ended up rupturing anyhow and he needed emergency surgery to have it removed. While he was in the stall recovering, his half brother, Tanner, would lead the entire herd up to the ranch area to check on him. After two months, his eye was healed and he was ready to be turned back out onto the sanctuary pasture…he didn’t miss a beat. He circled up the herd and they all ran off following him once again. It’s beautiful to see how adaptive and resilient these horses are.
  • Tanner: Spanish Mustang Wild Herd Member
    Tanner is another Spanish Mustang, half-brother to Joe and Lola! We rescued a small family band from a Craigslist ad, 5 in total, who were our first residents at GEMS in 2011. Since then, one has passed away, one has been adopted and the three remaining live together as part of our sanctuary herd. Naja is another member and is never found too far from her two original herd mates. Tanner is our greeter and will be the first one to approach the tour vehicle every time! His bold personality is fun to watch and he now finally has his band of mares, it took him five years to branch off from Joe’s main band, yet he still sticks very close to his brother.
  • Regal G: American Mustang Wild Herd Member
    Regal G is an American Mustang from the Sand Wash Basin HMA in Colorado. Born in 2006 on the range, he was captured in 2012 when he found himself outside of HMA boundaries. He came to us shortly after, was adopted with Wynonna, a Sand Wash Basin mare brought in around the same time, and they were both placed into a training program. After a couple of years of steady training, the owners decided that domestic life didn’t suit him well, so he returned to us in 2016 and has been an integral part of our wild herd ever since.
  • Kalypso: American Mustang Wild Herd Member
    Kalypso is a Sand Wash Basin Mustang born on the range in 2013 and gathered in 2017. He entered into our training program and after a few months of training, we determined he would be best suited for life as a wild boy, so we turned him out onto our sanctuary pasture. It took him a while before he was accepted into the herd and the whole process, which was over the course of a couple of months, was fascinating to witness…he has now integrated into the herd and found a bond with fellow Sand Wash Basin Mustangs, Cortina and Indiana Jones.
  • Flapjack: American Mustang Wild Herd Member
    Flapjack was born in 2011 in the Pancake Herd Management area of Wyoming. He was gathered in 2012 and after being in holding for a few years was selected as part of a training challenge. The Extreme Mustang Makeover. After his trainer worked with him to prepare for the challenge, it was decided that his life would be best suited for living in the wild, as he never really acclimated to domestic life. Flapjack’s integration to the wild herd also took a couple of months, but now, he too is an integral part of the herd.
  • Pancho: American Mustang Wild Herd Member
    Pancho is from the Little Colorado HMA in Wyoming, born and gatherd in 2011. He was part of a couple of training programs before he came to us at GEMS and we concurred that his life was best suited living wild. He bonded quickly with Regal G and they have been close friends ever since his release. He was accepted into the herd fairly quickly, with little drama…It is always interesting how different horses have such different experiences with their release into the wild herd.
  • Shooter: American Mustang Wild Herd Member
    Shooter was a wild boy since the day we brought him in and never showed any interest in domestic life. He would pin his ears and charge anyone in his corral. Even though he was the smallest of any group of horses we kept him with while he was in the corrals, he quickly became the leader. He was born in 2012 and gathered in 2015 from the West Douglas Herd Area in Colorado. His integration to the wild herd wasn’t without drama, but he quickly showed everyone that he wasn’t to be messed with and everyone listened.
  • Loretta: American Mustang Wild Herd Member
    Loretta came to GEMS just before Christmas of 2012 with the rest of the Sand Wash Basin mares that were still at the Canon City holding facility left over from the 2008 gather. They were all five years old at the time, having been gathered as babies. Loretta was in training for a few months and ultimately we decided that she would be best suited for life on the sanctuary pasture, where she now lives with some of the others she grew up with.
  • Saraswati: American Mustang Wild Herd Member
    Saraswati is a Sand Wash Basin mare, part of the first group that w brought in back in 2012. She also went into our training program and had a tough time with retention from day to day…it was like everyday was a brand new day. Because of her trainability issues, we decided domestic life wasn’t a good fit for her and that she’d be happiest living wild, which she does now with the rest of our wild herd.
  • Faith: American Mustang Wild Herd Member
    Faith is another of our Sand Wash Basin mares soft and gentle in nature, but wild at heart. She lives her life on the sanctuary pasture with the others that call GEMS their forever home. She is quite bonded to Saraswati and Patsy, the two other Sand Wash Basin grays and are always close by one another making for some beautiful photographic opportunities.
  • Patsy: American Mustang Wild Herd Member
    Patsy, one of the original Sand Wash Basin girls, was in training and coming along nicely when we noticed a rapid drop in her weight followed by a serious bout of colic. She made the journey to CSU for intervention and came through after a week of treatment. During this process, she had lost quite a bit of weight and we found out that she only had one kidney. The stress of the situation, being separated from her herd and being so sick had taken a toll on her physically and emotionally. The best medicine for her once back home would be her herd, so we turned her out to the sanctuary pasture. It took nearly six months, but Patsy finally made a full recovery mind, body and spirit and lives her life now with the comfort of her herd, the best place for her.
  • Crystal: American Mustang Wild Herd Member
    Crystal is one of the Sand Wash Basin mares that came to GEMS in 2012. She was put into our training program and proved to be a quick study. She is a powerful mare and would display her athleticism nearly each ride. We decided that the adoption window for her was very narrow as she needed an extremely advanced rider to match her abilities. After initial searches and continued training at our facility, we realized that she would be a tricky one to find a forever home for, so we decided she would be best-suited living life with her friends on the sanctuary. She is very friendly and enjoys the human connection, just as long as you are on the ground and not on her back.
  • Helen: American Mustang Wild Herd Member
    Helen is another one of our Sand Wash Basin mares born in 2008 and brought to GEMS in 2012. She is a wild girl at heart and never showed any interest in humans or training. We decided life on the sanctuary would be the best place for her, which she enjoys each and every day in the company of the horses she’s grown up with since she was a baby.
  • Naomi: American Mustang Wild Herd Member
    Naomi is one of the Sand Wash Basin mares that came to GEMS back in 2012. Naomi, with her pinto markings, are very characteristic of the Sand Wash Basin wild horses. Today she lives out her life with the other mares who she has called family since being captured as a baby!
  • Wynonna: American Mustang Wild Herd Member
    Wynonna is a Sand Wash Basin mare that came to GEMS in 2012 as a 5 year old. She was adopted with Regal G and went into a training program with her adopter and selected trainers well-equipped to handle wild horses. After almost 2 years in training, the adopter decided that she would be best suited for sanctuary life and we honored the request to turn them both out to live wild on our sanctuary pasture.
  • Johona: American Mustang Wild Herd Member
    Johona, born in 2004, is a Nevada Mustang that came to us from our friends at The Colorado Horse Rescue. She was with them for quite some time and in their training program, where she was having troubles with retention. That’s when they turned to us as an option for a forever home for her. She was released into our sanctuary herd in 2016 and has been living wild ever since.
  • Cortina: American Mustang Wild Herd Member
    Cortina is a Sand Wash Basin mare gathered in 2016 and foaled in 2014. She came to GEMS after the gather and was offered for adoption. She went directly into our training program and began to show very aggressive and dangerous behaviors when worked with. She was in training for close to 6 months with no noticaeble improvements. We decided to turn Cortina out to the sanctuary pasture where she has since developed a strong bond with Kalypso and living wild at GEMS like they once did in Sand Wash Basin.
  • Indiana Jones: American Mustang Wild Herd Member
    Indiana Jones was born in 2011 in Sand Wash Basin. In the wild, he was known for his spirited nature and was often spotted sparring and challenging band stallions, even from a young age. After he was gathered in 2016, he was adopted by a well-intentioned adopter. However, Indy required a more experienced hand in his training process and after a couple years with his previous home, unfortunately he became very withdrawn and did not trust people. Finally his owner reached out to GEMS for training help, but at this point, Indy was a long way off from mental and emotional rehabilitation. We determined he would be best suited joining his former herdmates on our Sanctuary.
  • Copper Penny: Spanish Mustang Wild Herd Member
    Penny is part of our Spanish Mustang educational herd and exhibits a rare curly coat! She came to us at GEMS as a donation from Caballos de Destino, a Spanish Mustang preservation ranch in South Dakota, at 12 years old, Penny is one of our lead mares and was one of the first residents of GEMS back in 2011.
  • Sparrow: Spanish Mustang Wild Herd Member
    Sparrow is a 2009 Spanish Mustang, part of our educational herd. She is a beautiful roan with sweet and gentle personality taking to newcomers in the herd quickly.
  • Wild Flower: Spanish Mustang Wild Herd Member
    Foaled in 1995, Wild Flower is one of our Spanish Mustang Ambassadors. She came to GEMS in 2011 with her daughter Silver Flower who she still lives with side by side today.
  • Silver Flower: Spanish Mustang Wild Herd Member
    Foaled in 2002, Silver Flower has been able to be by her mother’s side for her entire life and now that she is at GEMS and lives on our sanctuary pasture, she will never have to stray far. The two are always side by side and share their days with one another at GEMS. She has unique brindling on her left hip and displays all the primitive, Spanish markings such as leg barring and dorsal stripe.
  • Wind Chime: Spanish Mustang Wild Herd Member
    Wind Chime was foaled in 2001 and is a half sister to Wild Flower. The 3 Grullas are very tightly bonded and are always near one another, which makes for some gorgeous photos!
  • Zora: Spanish Mustang Wild Herd Member
    Zora is a 2004 Spanish Mustang mare and has a beautiful example of the Roman nose that Spanish Mustangs are so well known for. She is one of the more standoffish members of our herd and usually can be seen on the outskirts, far away from people!
  • Galena: Spanish Mustang Wild Herd Member
    Galena was born in 1999 and is a beautiful addition to our Spanish Mustang herd. She was one of the first residents at GEMS and part of the donated herd that educates the public on the unique characteristics and traits of Spanish Mustangs.
  • Naja: Spanish Mustang Wild Herd Member
    Naja is one of our Spanish Mustangs that came in with our beloved “Foxton Five” herd. Still able to live with Tanner and Joe by her side. She initially came with her mother Dulcenea, who has since passed away, at the age of 38! Now Naja (born in 1997) is one of our most senior Mustangs and she is beginning to show signs of her old age. Despite this, she is still strong and happy as ever… living wild and free!
  • Lola: Spanish Mustang Wild Herd Member
    Lola, was foaled in 2010 and is from the Spanish Mustang preservation, The Cayuse Ranch in Wyoming. The Brislawn Family was first to recognize the vanishing breed back in the early 1900’s…the original Spanish Mustang or Indian Pony as they are sometimes referred to. These tough Mustangs are descendants of the original Spanish horses who came to the Americas in the 1500’s. They are thought to be the foundation of the American Mustang that exists today.

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